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Duncan Hunter CAN Defeat Hillary

Posted by sierrascrapper on October 23, 2007

-Written by Gary C. Huggins

The statement “Hunter can’t win” is an indictment against the Republican party in general and principled conservatism in particular. If everyone that called themselves a conservative, would stand on principled conservatism, Hunter would be the leading candidate. Hunter, as a conservative, is the best candidate to defeat Clinton, a liberal. It takes a conservative Republican to defeat a liberal Democrat. The GOP is insanely suicidal to run a liberal to moderate Republican such as Giuliani, Thompson, Romney or McCain against a liberal Democrat. If I had the time I could write an essay on how the Republican party could ensure that the Democrats win the White House in ’08. The GOP is setting the liberals up for a win by ignoring their conservative base.

The premise is simple:

Nominate any one of the following candidates and Hillary can win the white house in ’08:

Rudy Giuliani

Fred Thompson

Mitt Romney

John McCain

Every time the GOP abandons their conservative base, the GOP loses.

Case in point: George H.W. Bush lost reelection and caused the party to split via Ross Perot when he abandoned conservatism. The GOP‘s abandonment of conservatism gave Clinton the white house.

The GOP lost the house and senate in November 2006 by abandoning their conservative base via big government, increased spending, an attempt to provide amesty to illegals, etc, etc, etc. The GOP‘s abandonment of conservatism gave the senate to Reid and the House to Pelosi.

Hunter rightfully called Giuliani, Romney and McCain the “Kennedy wing of the Republican party”. If the GOP nominates anyone from the Kennedy wing – Clinton can take the White House. It is more than a coincidence that, given the GOP‘s top tier candidates, we have so many GOP pundits stating that Clinton has a chance to win.

Thompson has been on the wrong side of conservatives on some major issues and the members of groups that have fought on the opposing side of Thompson are not the type to compromise on their principles and support him. Here is a quote that serves as an example of a conservative’s opinion on Thompson:

“I absolutely loved Reagan. He was the finest man to enter politics in my lifetime.” Just as I was offended when, early in his first term, people said W was Reaganesque, I am so when people try to pretend Thompson is as well. Reagan would never have compromised his pro-life principles by taking money from a pro-abortion group as did Thompson; Reagan would never have supported limits on free speech (McCain-Feingold) as did Thompson. 

If you’d heard Thompson on Laura Ingraham, you’d know he’s not fit to lick Reagan’s boots. He [Thompson] fumbled all over the place and demonstrated that he doesn’t even know his own positions.

Sadly, spineless Republicans support him because they think he’s safe–look where that got us in 2000, George “sell out America to Mexico” W. Bush. I truly wish Republicans had the spines to support the best candidate, someone like Duncan Hunter or Tom Tancredo, rather than wimp out with someone like Thompson, who is Bushesque.”

Duncan Hunter is clearly the conservative’s candidate of choice. Visit Duncan Hunter’s website and donate here: 

 Duncan Hunter '08 For President



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