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Posted by sierrascrapper on March 23, 2010

What is up with our government?  I really feel like history was made yesterday.  The history of the FALL OF AMERICA!  I think about all the consequences these “lawmakers” are forcing upon their constiuents and it just doesn’t make sense.  I guess they don’t have to deal with the choices they have made and they can just ignore their voters.   For over a year now Americans have been making voicing their opinion all across the country and still the Democrats have turned a deaf ear.  And to think that this new Comprehensive Healthcare Reform plan was the capstone of Obama’s presidency makes it even more disgusting!  Really????  You mean that your whole presidency rides on whether this bill gets passed or not?  That’s pretty sad.  I thought being President was about so many other more important matters like  protecting the rights of the citizens and keeping our country safe AND keeping our country financially sound!

As a hard-working American I feel so very jaded by this whole Comprehensive Healthcare Plan.   I have 2 boys that will be starting high school this year and guess what?  They are in the class of 2014.  That means that by the time they graduate from high school and get jobs and step out into the real world…it’s going to be almost impossible to make it on their own.  They will not have the same opportunities we had when we started out.  They won’t get to find the jobs that used to be available before companies had to cut back to make up for the extra taxes businesses will be paying for the healthcare plan.  They won’t have the same insurance coverage that many of us have worked hard for and relied upon when we needed it most.  Instead…they will be footing the bill of thousands of Americans who live off of our government and are always looking for a handout.  Not only that…they will be paying higher taxes right alongside their parents who are already being taxed beyond reasonable means.   We pay plenty for our healthcare premiums through my job and it’s not like I have the best healthcare plan on the market.  I can’t imagine how much more my doctor bills and prescriptions are going to cost on top of the additional burden of taxes that will be chunked out of my paycheck.  We barely scrimp by now with the income we make…how are we going to make it when all this comes down? 

There was a time in my life when I didn’t have health insurance and you know what…as an honest hard-working American, I had to deal with it.  It doesn’t mean that I showed up in emergency rooms and expected to be taken care of and didn’t pay my bills.  I had to work harder to take care of those Dr. bills that were incurred during that time.  It wasn’t an easy time, but it made me a better person because I was accountable for myself.  So many people in America have forgotten what Personal Responsibility is anymore.  They think that someone will always be there to take care of them and they could care less about taking care of themselves.  They are always looking for a handout instead of trying to improve their lives by making the right choices.  There are consequences to the actions we take and that is what life is all about.  What happens when there is no more “government” to take care of your problems?  Who will you turn to then??? 

AMERICA IT IS TIME TO WAKE UP!  TIME TO GET MOTIVATED!  TIME TO TAKE ACTION!  We cannot allow our government to continue to defy the people who make up our nation.  We must take a stand and let the government know that we will NOT be beaten back like animals and expected to just follow along!

I am grateful to see that our Nevada Governor Gibbons is willing to fight this healthcare plan along with 38 other states across the nation.  However, it’s hard to say how difficult of a battle this will be since we have an Attorney General that does not necessarily have the same political views.  I am hoping and praying that AG Catherine Cortez Masto will put political affiliations aside and stand up for our constitution and the right of the people.  I also am quite disappointed in our Governor for taking so long to speak up and discuss this issue until today.  While watching the news this morning around 8am…they posted a map of the US and the states that were going to file a lawsuit against the government and Nevada was not one of the states highlighted.  It was quite disheartening as I would have expected Governor Gibbons to already have made already made plans to fight this bill and that Nevada would have been included in that list of states fighting against this bill.  I plan on calling our Attorney General’s office in the morning and calling the Governor’s office to make sure that they know where this fellow Nevadan stands.

At this point, all we can do is wait and see what happens next.  In the meantime…I think many people are going to need to pay a visit to their doctors to find a way to survive through all of these hardships to come.  Sad thing is…we’ll probably have to take a number!  That is if we are lucky enough to actually have coverage to see a doctor for depression and anxiety problems.


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