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Congressman Duncan Hunter Issues Warning to Columbia University

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 24, 2007

For Immediate Release…

Hunter warns Columbia University

Cancel Invitation to Iranian President

September 24, 2007 Manchester, NH… At 11:30 a.m. this morning Congressman Duncan Hunter is holding a Town hall Meeting at the New England College, 98 Bridge Street, Henniker, New Hampshire in the Simon center.

Hunter will issue a statement directed to Columbia University and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visit. In a recent press conference Hunter said “To host the leader of Iran when he supports terrorists that are moving deadly roadside bombs across the Iraqi border to be used against American troops is a slap in the face for the entire 165,000 men and women in Iraq and to those that have served before them.”“If President Lee Bollinger follows through with this hosting of the leader of Iran, I will move in Congress to cut off every single type of Federal Funding to Columbia University. If the left-wing leaders of academia will not support our troops, they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries.” “This event, following the slanderous action of MoveOn.org, depicting General Petraeus as “General Betray Us,” in the New York Times represents the emergence of the extreme left-wing in American politics.”  

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Congressman Duncan Hunter is RIGHT on this issue regarding the Iranian President’s visit to Columbia University.  Are there any other Presidential candidates standing up to do something about this outrageous act????  ONLY DUNCAN HUNTER is standing firm and telling the university that this is not acceptable.  Our country needs a leader who is not afraid of our enemies and will do what it takes to keep our enemies in check.

Responding to comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he is prepared to fill the “power vacuum” in Iraq, former House Armed Services Chairman and Republican presidential contender Duncan Hunter challenged the Bush administration to step up plans for a strike against Iran. 

Congressman Hunter told a group of veterans and supporters, “Iran has made their intentions abundantly clear in the Middle East, specifically with respect to military action against Israel.  Never before in American history has a nation so blatantly engaged in saber-rattling without facing serious military reprisals from the U.S.”  He continued, “The White House recently declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization for their obvious support for the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.  They are aiding and abetting the killing of our military service men and women.  In my book, that’s an act of war and such action ought to have military consequences.  Responding in hollow political or diplomatic rhetoric only encourages more affronts from Iran.”

Now…take a look at this extremely GRAPHIC review of why the Iranian President can claim they have no homosexuals in their country.  Is this what Americans want to be subjected to??  How do you think he deals with all the other problems his country faces that don’t agree with his beliefs?  YEP…same outcome.  If we don’t stand up to a nation like this and call him at this game of leading a proxy war against us in Iraq, we will all be wishing we could once again experience those freedoms we enjoy today.

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