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Close the One-Way Trade Street…Write Your Congressman NOW

Posted by sierrascrapper on January 30, 2008


Trade Demands A Level Playing Field

The Goal:
1. Get this bill out of “committee”, on the floor and get it debated.

2. Get our elected representatives to pass H. R. 2600.

The bipartisan Border Tax Equity Act (H.R. 2600) has been introduced by Congresman Bill Pascrell (D-NJ), Duncan Hunter (R-CA), Mike Michaud (D-ME), and Walter Jones (R-NC). The purpose is to correct border-tax inequities that currently disadvantage U.S. producers and service providers to the tune of $379 billion a year.

H.R. 2600:  Border Tax Equity Act of 2007

“H.R. 2600 needs our help!
Our elected representatives need us to give them a little push!”

A summary of H.R. 2600:

To authorize the imposition of a tax on imports from any country that employs indirect taxes and grants rebates of the same upon export and to authorize compensatory payments to eligible United States exporters to neutralize the discriminatory effect of such taxes paid by such exporters if United States trade negotiating objectives regarding border tax treatment in World Trade Organization negotiations are not met.

Introduced: 6/6/2007 — 10 Cosponsors

Latest Major Action: 6/18/2007 Referred to House subcommittee.

Status: Referred to the Subcommittee on Trade.

Folks, let’s not let this bill “die” in committee. You and I need this bill! American business needs this bill! The United States of America needs this bill!

Please take the time to learn more about H.R. 2600:
H.R. 2600: Border Tax Equity Act of 2007
The goal of our “free trade” agreements, such as the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) and the World Trade Organization (WTO), was to lower tariffs mutually in pursuit of worldwide free trade. The trouble is that it takes two to tango and we trade with at least 137 other countries that dance to a different tune.  So far, free trade has been a one way street.  We “freely” opened our markets to any junk any country wanted to sell here, while foreign markets remain closed to US industry.

When other countries reduced their tariffs, they simultaneously imposed border tax schemes, particularly Value Added Taxes (VAT), which add up to almost exactly the same amount as the tariffs that were supposedly reduced or eliminated. This sleight-of-hand trick is achieved by imposing VAT taxes on imports (a de facto tariff) and rebating VAT taxes on exports.
Look folks, think “globally” for a moment.  Everybody else in the world can’t all be wrong!  Perhaps, the US in this case, has made a mistake.  H.R. 2600 will help rectify this just a little bit!
Why do we need H.R. 2600?  Learn more about “why” here:
Trade Demands A Level Playing Field
Congress has repeatedly tried to resolve this border-tax discrimination by good-faith negotiations with VAT countries. But other countries continue to say “no dice,” and the WTO turns a deaf ear.  And, don’t get me wrong here.  As sovereign nations – they have a right, they have the freedom of choice to say “no”.
This fuels the trade deficit, cripples U.S. competitiveness, and provides a powerful incentive for U.S. companies to shift production and jobs overseas. Thousands of U.S. companies have shifted production to nations that use a VAT where they avoid taxation.  You can’t “blame” business.  Their goal is to make profits!  Less tax = More profit!  So, who do you “blame”?  It is the U. S. Trade Policy that is at fault!
Again – It is the U. S. Trade Policy that is at fault.  The problem is not, nor has it ever been “lazy” Americans.  Americans are the world’s most productive workers.  Read this:
Many, many, times US trade representatives have complained to the WTO.  The WTO’s refusal to address this discrimination proves its anti-American bias.
It’s time to speak up for American industry, American jobs, and you and I the American people!
And that is exactly what H.R. 2600:  Border Tax Equity Act of 2007 does!
Let’s all help spread the word!
TOGETHER: We will make a difference!!

Those who do nothing soon find that they can do nothing.
Why don’t  “we”  take this on?  Let’s as a “group” of people who care about the future of this nation make a goal of:

1. Get this bill out of “committee”, on the floor and get it debated.

2. Get our elected representatives to pass H. R. 2600.
Are you with us?
Great!  The time for action is upon us!

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What’s a Conservative to Do?

Posted by sierrascrapper on January 22, 2008

Op/Ed Piece written by Dennis McCarthy

I’m in a political state of mourning this week. I’m a conservative, and my presidential candidate of choice recently dropped out of the race. Now, with the options left, I may be forced to sit out the general election this November. There are no conservatives left in this presidential race.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R – CA) never got any traction with the voters. He was unable to amass the war chest necessary for such a huge undertaking. He was, at first, stuck in the corner podium for debates; in fact, he and Tom ancredo called each other “the bookends”. Later on, he was shut out of the debates entirely. This made it impossible to continue his campaign, since his biggest obstacle was convincing folks he was still in the race.

Duncan Hunter was outmanned by other candidates who had paid political operatives and consultants. Here in Florida, his grassroots volunteer force was fewer than a thousand people, and most of those only came on board in the last few weeks, not enough time to make a significant impact.

I’m not a political animal, but after seeing him on a cable news talk show about this time last year talking about the success of his border fence, I got involved with the Hunter campaign. The time I spent was well worth it, though, because the man I spent that time on was worth it.

Duncan Hunter is a complete conservative. He’s strong on the border, of course, but he’s also been consistently strong on military defense. He’s been consistently pro-life, pro-faith and pro-family, and is a strong supporter of every American’s right to bear arms.  Other candidates’ resumes have some of these qualities; none of them have all.

Most crucial, and timely to this week’s world economic crisis, Duncan Hunter knows the importance of a solid manufacturing base to America’s economy. That’s why he planned on canceling our unfair trade deals with Communist China, who’s been cheating on trade, devaluing their own currency in order to weaken the US dollar, and sending America childrens’ toys dipped in lead paint. Duncan Hunter’s “mirror trade” policy – that is, subjecting America’s trade partners to the same taxes and tariffs they impose on us – was a plan for which no other candidate had a response.

As I pounded the streets for Duncan Hunter, people everywhere told me “Duncan’s a good man, and a great conservative. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a chance hell of winning”. And if he had a dollar for every time someone said that, the Hunter campaign would have had enough money to buy him a blimp.

In a conference call with volunteer leaders last Saturday night, Hunter stopped short of endorsing any other candidate, though he had some kind words for one, and some unkind words for a few others. Fred Thompson is the most conservative of the remaining candidates (if he’s still in the race at press time, that is), but his wife seems to want to be First Lady far more fervently than he wants to be President. Mike Huckabee shares Hunter’s conservative values.  However, Huck’s soft stance on illegal immigration and lack of any experience with military issues are two big reasons I may not be able to pull the level for him in November. Rudy? Mitt? McCain? No way.  Ron Paul? No, thanks.

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie “Nuts”, in which an accused murderer (Barbra Streisand) fires her high-priced lawyer and ends up with a pro bono legal aid attorney (Richard Dreyfuss). She asks him, “So, are you any good?” Dreyfus gives her a scathing look and sneers, “You HAD good. Now you’ve got me.”

That’s how I’m feeling right now. We had good. Now that the only complete conservative in the race is out of the race, we have far less of a choice.

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Northern Nevadans Listen to Duncan Hunter

Posted by sierrascrapper on December 31, 2007

After making a round of campaign stops in Northern Nevada after the Christmas holiday, Congressman Duncan Hunter found that Nevadans support his run for President.  Congressman Duncan Hunter attended a townhall meeting in Reno on December 27, 2007 where there were almost 50 in attendance.  All 3 of the local affiliate stations turned out to cover the meeting and interview Congressman Hunter.  There were two other local stations and the local newspaper there to cover the event.   Hunter spoke on the issues of unfair trade practices with China, the threat of terrorism in our country through our open borders and our rising problem with illegal immigration.  General Chuck Yeager also spoke at the townhall meeting and told his story about how he broke the sound barrier and how the creation of jets came about. 

The next evening, Congressman Hunter and General Yeager spoke to a standing room only crowd in Carson City, NV.  There were over 100 people in attendance.  Nevada’s First Lady Dawn Gibbons was there to meet him when he walked in the door and led a cheering section as he entered into the townhall meeting.  The crowd in Carson City were very receptive to his message and liked each of the points that Hunter discussed.  He spoke more in depth on the issues of education, the War on Terror, Iran, unfair trade with China and our economy.  General Yeager also told his story of his career in the Air Force and told them why he supported Duncan Hunter.  The people who showed up at this townhall meeting were so thrilled to support Duncan Hunter and they were anxious to spread the word about him to their friends.  They all left with at least one of the new CDs that the campaign has just released.  This CD is an excellent tool to spread the message about Duncan Hunter and it’s easy for folks to listen to it in their car on the way to work or wherever they are traveling.

During this trip Congressman Hunter and General Yeager toured the Nevada State Museum in Carson City and were able to see the Carson City Mint and see how the machine operated.   Congressman Hunter also visited a locally owned and operated outdoor outfitter called Mark Fore and Strike.  This business has been owned by 4 generations of the same family.  Congressman Hunter enjoyed meeting with the Stodtmeisters (owners) and appreciated their knowledgeable staff who helped him pick out a gift for the Yeagers. 

Congressman Hunter always has a straight-forward answer for any question that is put out.  At the Reno meeting, a local Hispanic activist named Gilbert Cortez who has led protests against ICE raids in our area asked Congressman Hunter how he is going to deal with the problem with illegal aliens in our nation.  Congressman Hunter told him straight up that they would have to go home and come back the right way and stand in line.  Many of the attendees thought that Mr. Cortez would start a major commotion, but Hunter was so clear and steadfast on his answer that Mr. Cortez didn’t have any further comment and it appeared that he actually agreed with Hunter on this issue.  Another voter in Carson City had a question for Congressman Hunter regarding the issue of abortion.  He wanted to know exactly how Congressman Hunter felt about abortion when it came to cases like rape or serious retardation.  Congressman Hunter stood true to his pro-life beliefs and told him that every fetus inside of a woman is considered a child of God and that they all deserve to have the same rights as humans.  The gentleman had no further response as he agreed with what Hunter had to say.  It was amazing to see Congressman Hunter stand up for his beliefs and not waiver.  It’s doubtful that other candidates would stand so strongly on this issue if confronted with it face to face.

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Hunter Calls on Romney to Oppose Bain Partnership

Posted by sierrascrapper on November 3, 2007



CONTACT: Gary Becks (619) 334-1655, dlhunter08@yahoo.com

San Diego, CA – – – Presidential candidate and current Ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Duncan Hunter, today called on former Governor Mitt Romney to send a “clear statement” to the leadership of the company he founded, Bain Capital, to terminate a proposed business deal with a controversial Chinese corporation seeking to acquire U.S. defense contractor 3COM. Bain Capital is attempting to form a business arrangement with Huawei Corporation, a Chinese corporation founded by an officer of the Peoples Liberation Army of Communist China, which faces allegations of assisting Saddam Hussein in the targeting of U.S. aircraft and in helping the Taliban develop surveillance equipment.

“I am extremely concerned that Governor Romney’s company would tout a highly suspect Chinese corporation as a strategic partner,” stated Hunter. “Forming a business partnership with a corporation known to have direct ties with terrorists and dictators while, at the same time, openly seeking to acquire a major U.S. corporation that performs vital cyber security work for the Department of Defense, can only be characterized as irresponsible.”

A resolution has been introduced in Congress, H.Res. 730, which states; “The preponderance of publicly available evidence clearly suggests that as currently structured, the proposed transaction involving Huawei threatens the national security of the United States and should not be approved by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States .” A copy of this resolution is provided.

Hunter stated in his letter to Governor Romney, “…while it is true that you no longer control Bain Capital, the contributions you have received from its principals as its founding member indicate that your influence within the company remains strong.

“Further, while the Committee on Foreign Investment has yet to rule on the Huawei transaction, this corporation’s connection to Saddam Hussein, the Taliban and the Army of Communist China should clearly disqualify them from becoming, in the words of your former company, “a strategic partner” in acquiring a U.S. firm such as 3COM, which performs vital cyber-security work for the U.S. Department of Defense.

“This letter is a request that you immediately issue a statement of policy that this transaction should be terminated on the grounds of national security. Please let me know what you intend to do.”

A copy of Congressman Hunter’s letter, as well as two articles regarding Huawei acquisition efforts are provided. Media are encouraged to contact Gary Becks at (619) 334-1655 for additional information or to arrange an interview with Hunter.

# # #

Hunter for President, Inc.
9340 Fuerte Drive
La Mesa, California 91941
United States

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Duncan Hunter Criticizes China at Conservative Leadership Conference

Posted by sierrascrapper on October 13, 2007

Congressman Hunter brought the crowd to their feet today as he spoke at the Conservative Leadership Conference being held in Sparks, Nevada.  In conversations that were overheard after the speech, there was much talk of folks putting their support behind Congressman Hunter.  It was absolutely incredible.  More commentary to come in a short while.   Back to the conference for more learning and political discussion. 

GOP candidate criticizes China in speech


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Before a crowd of libertarian-leaning conservatives, Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter sounded a protectionist theme Saturday, vowing to save American manufacturing jobs by ending China’s unfair trading practices and to build 850 miles of double fence along the Mexican border.

Hunter, a Congressman from Southern California, spoke before the Conservative Leadership Conference in Sparks.
“The one thing I will do as president of the United States is stop China from cheating on trade, bring back high-paying manufacturing jobs and hook this party back up with the middle class and the Reagan Democrats that brought us victory back in the old days,” he said.
Hunter spent much of his 35-minute speech decrying China’s strategy of devaluing its currency and lamenting the flagging capacity of the United States to manufacture equipment needed by the military.
His stop at the conservative conference marked Hunter’s second campaign visit to Northern Nevada. Over Labor Day weekend, Hunter stopped in at the Rib Cookoff in Sparks and kicking off a rally for the troops fighting in Iraq in Carson City.
Hunter’s poll numbers in Nevada reflect his standing in national polls, which reside in the low single digits. His fundraising numbers, lag similarly behind the other Republican contenders as well.
But Hunter said he doesn’t need to hire an army of consultants.
“I know what I stand for and I know what I’ve done,” he said.
He then touted his support of a double fence to protect the border in his San Diego district, which, he said has helped stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
“As president, I’ll build that border fence, all 854 miles of it, in six months,” he said. “That is my commitment to you.”
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who spoke Friday at the conference, disputed that the border fence alone can be relied upon to keep illegal immigrants out.
“A little less than half they can stop, even with the double fence,” he said. “You have to turn off the magnets (of employment) and it will stop.”
Hunter, who has a son fighting in Afghanistan, said his priority would be to “leave Iraq in victory” and then stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.
He also promised an abortion litmus test when appointing federal judges.
“If a candidate for the federal bench can pick up a sonogram of an unborn child and not see a valuable human life, I will not put that candidate on the bench,” he said.

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