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VP Candidate Sarah Palin Visits Reno, NV

Posted by sierrascrapper on October 22, 2008

 Sarah Palin came to Reno, NV on 10/21/2008 and brought along Lee Greenwood, her brother Chuck Heath, Jr. and her daughter Piper.  She drew a crowd of over 1000 supporters during an EARLY morning rally.  Supporters showed up at the venue at 6:00AM to attend the rally which actually began at 8:30AM.  McCain/Palin supporters showed their support with loud cheers and support.  You can find coverage of the entire speech in 5 parts at this link:


I attended this rally and arrived at 6:00AM.  There were about 100 people in front of me waiting in line and MANY MANY more behind me that wrapped around the builiding.  The doors opened at 6:30AM and it was a “standing only” rally.  VIP attendees were allowed to sit in bleachers that were set farther back than the standing section of the rally.  I was about one row back from the barricade to the stage for the rally and to the left of the podium.  I brought my 13yo boys with me so they could experience this once in a lifetime opportunity.  The rally was energetic and exciting.  Governor Palin had an excellent message and brought to light many of the issues facing our nation today.  After the rally, Governor Palin spent a good amount of time autographing tickets and other memorabilia.  Governor Palin’s daughter Piper gave out autographs too.  My boys were lucky enough to shake Governor Palin’s hand and we also got our tickets signed by Governor Palin and Piper. 

Even though standing for 5 hours straight wasn’t a fun thing to do…experiencing this event first-hand was well worth it!  I am even more inspired to get the message out and do what has to be done to fight the tide of socialism and marxism in our country.

The National Anthem

The National Anthem

Nevada Support at Sarah Palin Rally

Nevada Support at Sarah Palin Rally

Sarah Palin in Reno

Governor Palin at Rally

Governor Palin Speaks in Reno

Governor Sarah Palin Speaks at Rally


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