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Washoe County Republican Convention in Nevada

Posted by sierrascrapper on March 15, 2008

Today I participated in one of the most fascinating events.  I attended my county convention for the Republican Party.  If any of you have never attended your county convention before, you should make an effort to be there.  This is one of the most important ways to get your voice heard as a conservative.  If you don’t like the direction our party is heading, then you MUST become involved with your local party at the grassroots level.  We MUST take back the Republican Party and we MUST demand that our party listen to our views and know what we expect from our leaders. 

On January 19, 2008, Nevada held it’s first caucus and the expectation for turnout was in the 3% range.  The actual turnout was 8%, which actually made the entire caucus experience a little chaotic.  BUT…this process provided voters the opportunity to have their voices heard.  Today, I learned that at our previous county convention, there were less than 100 in attendance.  This year, there were 1100 in attendance.  That is an amazing number!  And…many of those people who participated this time around had never been involved in the political process before.  They now had the opportunity to speak their mind and tell our party what they wanted. 

I was one of those newly elected delegates who attended the county convention for the first time.  Before our county convention, I was invited to serve on the platform planning committee.  It was an honor to be a part of this committee and I felt that as a whole, our committee produced a platform document that was strong and represented my beliefs as a Republican.  I wasn’t able to participate quite as much as I would have liked in the planning process, but I still was able to represent many of the values that Congressman Duncan Hunter stood for.  Our final document was one that we all supported as a committee and one that we could stand strongly behind. 

 Today was quite the learning experience and it was fascinating to observe and participate in the voting process as a party.  To get that many people to come to agreement and pass a platform that is acceptable to them was a grueling experience.  But, it was one that was necessary and proved that our freedom is still alive and well.  What better way than for our community to come together and discuss the important issues and then come to agreement as a whole after all sides have been discussed.  I was proud to be there and I felt that I accomplished something as a citizen of the United States of America. 

So listen up conservatives!  We need to get out there and have a voice.  You MUST get involved with your party.  You MUST be that voice of conservatism.  Don’t let your party carry the banner of issues that you don’t support.  Get on your platform planning committee.  Be a part of the Credentials Committee for your convention.  Be a part of the Rules Committee for your convention.  These are important places to be and if you want to be heard, these are the places that you will have the most impact.  If you want to keep out the elitists and put in the ones that represent your beliefs, you must stand up and be heard.  You won’t be heard if you stay at home and don’t participate.  You must rally your neighbors.  Talk with registered Republicans in your precinct.  Tell them to get involved.  Inform them of the issues. 

The last couple months have been a little tough after Duncan Hunter dropped out of the Presidential race.  I felt confused and felt that there weren’t any other options.  The only reason I stayed involved with the party process was because of Duncan Hunter.  I asked him on the day that he made the announcement to withdraw what I could do or should do now that I didn’t have a candidate to support.  He told me that the best thing for me to do is to keep active in my party and support the candidate that most closely held his views and be a voice for him regarding how are party is made up.  That is what inspired me to get on the platform planning committee.  I knew what Congressman Hunter stood for and in order to carry on that message, I needed to participate in forming the values of our party in our county.  So…I am grateful to Congressman Hunter for the influence he had on me and for giving me a reason to continue to fight.  I had never been as involved in the political process until I got involved with Congressman Hunter’s campaign.  I was always a voter, and always an informed voter, but I had never done anything more than that.  Being a part of all of this has been a most wonderful experience and I don’t regret any of it.  I am so grateful that I live in a country where I can exercise my freedoms that so many brave men fought to uphold. 

I forgot to mention that I was also elected as a delegate to our State Convention.  I am sure that it will be even more interesting than our county convention being that Washoe County is mostly conservative and Clark County is mostly liberal.  I am looking forward to being involved in preserving our conservative values at our state convention.  It would be an honor to represent my state as a national delegate, however the prospects are fairly low on getting elected, as only 33 delegates will go to the National Convention.  Either way, I look forward to the opportunity and anxiously await being able to speak up for my values at our state’s convention next month. 


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