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What’s a Conservative to Do?

Posted by sierrascrapper on January 22, 2008

Op/Ed Piece written by Dennis McCarthy

I’m in a political state of mourning this week. I’m a conservative, and my presidential candidate of choice recently dropped out of the race. Now, with the options left, I may be forced to sit out the general election this November. There are no conservatives left in this presidential race.

Congressman Duncan Hunter (R – CA) never got any traction with the voters. He was unable to amass the war chest necessary for such a huge undertaking. He was, at first, stuck in the corner podium for debates; in fact, he and Tom ancredo called each other “the bookends”. Later on, he was shut out of the debates entirely. This made it impossible to continue his campaign, since his biggest obstacle was convincing folks he was still in the race.

Duncan Hunter was outmanned by other candidates who had paid political operatives and consultants. Here in Florida, his grassroots volunteer force was fewer than a thousand people, and most of those only came on board in the last few weeks, not enough time to make a significant impact.

I’m not a political animal, but after seeing him on a cable news talk show about this time last year talking about the success of his border fence, I got involved with the Hunter campaign. The time I spent was well worth it, though, because the man I spent that time on was worth it.

Duncan Hunter is a complete conservative. He’s strong on the border, of course, but he’s also been consistently strong on military defense. He’s been consistently pro-life, pro-faith and pro-family, and is a strong supporter of every American’s right to bear arms.  Other candidates’ resumes have some of these qualities; none of them have all.

Most crucial, and timely to this week’s world economic crisis, Duncan Hunter knows the importance of a solid manufacturing base to America’s economy. That’s why he planned on canceling our unfair trade deals with Communist China, who’s been cheating on trade, devaluing their own currency in order to weaken the US dollar, and sending America childrens’ toys dipped in lead paint. Duncan Hunter’s “mirror trade” policy – that is, subjecting America’s trade partners to the same taxes and tariffs they impose on us – was a plan for which no other candidate had a response.

As I pounded the streets for Duncan Hunter, people everywhere told me “Duncan’s a good man, and a great conservative. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a chance hell of winning”. And if he had a dollar for every time someone said that, the Hunter campaign would have had enough money to buy him a blimp.

In a conference call with volunteer leaders last Saturday night, Hunter stopped short of endorsing any other candidate, though he had some kind words for one, and some unkind words for a few others. Fred Thompson is the most conservative of the remaining candidates (if he’s still in the race at press time, that is), but his wife seems to want to be First Lady far more fervently than he wants to be President. Mike Huckabee shares Hunter’s conservative values.  However, Huck’s soft stance on illegal immigration and lack of any experience with military issues are two big reasons I may not be able to pull the level for him in November. Rudy? Mitt? McCain? No way.  Ron Paul? No, thanks.

I’m reminded of a scene from the movie “Nuts”, in which an accused murderer (Barbra Streisand) fires her high-priced lawyer and ends up with a pro bono legal aid attorney (Richard Dreyfuss). She asks him, “So, are you any good?” Dreyfus gives her a scathing look and sneers, “You HAD good. Now you’ve got me.”

That’s how I’m feeling right now. We had good. Now that the only complete conservative in the race is out of the race, we have far less of a choice.


4 Responses to “What’s a Conservative to Do?”

  1. Dennis McCarthy said

    Wow, this guy is SOME good writer. Where’d you find him, Kristie?

  2. underdog said

    All in all it is both sad… yet amusing.

    Decades of Rush Limgaugh yaking away, and the Hate Hannity Hotline inverted to HATE HILLARY, then hate democrats, then hate liberals, then hate your fellow republicans… oh and yes not to leave out the GREAT one, Mark Levin and his insecsint whinning all the time and daily meltdowns.

    To sum it up. NEOCONism and post Regan right wing nutwings of the Party, grabbed the “elephant” by the years, stuffed his trunk up everyone elses ARSE sidewase to make a buck, and then kicked it in the ass toward the cliff of their own making!!! Good bye and good riddens.!!!

    When the bloated egos finnaly hit the bottom of the canyon floor and go splat – let us hope that the nutballs are removed from the GRAND oLd Party – that a return to sanity, prudence, pragmatism and all those virtues of statesmenship that guided this nation through the treacherous waters of the cold war, will return so that we may once again lead the nation with hope… not with FEAR and LOATHING.

  3. Dennis McCarthy said

    Underdog – I’d love to respond to your comment, but for the life of me, I can’t pick through the misspellings and obtuse (yet colorful) metaphors to get to the heart of what’s on your mind.

    Can you try again, and tell us, in a simple sentence, what’s on your mind?


  4. I think what Underdog might be saying is that he liked the US Governement up until Regan left and the Berlin Wall came down, then it all went a bit wrong in his eyes, perhaps?

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