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Watch Out MSM, Duncan Hunter is a FIGHTER

Posted by sierrascrapper on January 7, 2008

The mainstream media better think twice about leaving Duncan Hunter out of future Presidential debates.  Duncan Hunter is a fighter and he will NEVER QUIT!

 Duncan Hunter is in this race to win and America needs to wake and realize that Hunter is the ONLY TRUE CONSERVATIVE running for President. 

 Watch this video to see Duncan Hunter’s response to his being blocked out of the Presidential debates this weekend:

Do these “top tier” candidates have delegates for the upcoming Republican National Convention?

Giuliani? NO
McCain? NO
Paul? NO

It’s time to listen to the message that Duncan Hunter has to say.  There is a reason that the mainstream media is afraid of Duncan Hunter.  They know that he is the candidate that could slaughter the competition from the Democrats and finally turn our nation back in the right direction.  Duncan Hunter has a proven record on the issues he stands for like border control, 2nd amendment rights, pro-life and family values, unfair trade deals with China, strong military, lower taxes.

When you go to vote in the primaries, don’t let the media tell you who to vote for.  Make your own decision.  Do the research.  Take a Presidential candidate quiz and find out which one you are most closely aligned with.  Read this former blog entry for a link to one of these quizzes. Select a Candidate


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