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Open Letter to the Wyoming GOP – Time for another California Cowboy, Duncan Hunter

Posted by sierrascrapper on January 4, 2008

I found this entry on the News Which Cannot Lose Blog and I wanted to make sure everyone got a chance to read the latest correspondence from Alexander J. Madison to America in 2008.

Alexander J. Madison – January 4, 2008

Dear Wyoming GOPers,

First, let me congratulate you for living in one of the most beautiful states in the Union. My home state of Washington gives Wyoming a run for the money, but unlike you, we have several million liberals that tend to pollute the scenery.


Iowa has spoken. And as usual, they have voted with their hearts, not their heads. They voted in Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney for the top two spots. Granted, both Mike and Mitt are currently unemployed and had much time to spend gladhanding the good folks in Iowa. However, what Iowegians did not do is bother to understand the records of the two gentlemen in question, and fell prey, once again, to a fellow who spins a good yarn, and one that ‘looks presidential’. After all, Iowa supported GHW Bush over an excellent conservative named Ronald Reagan.


While Mr. Huckabee is certainly a social conservative, he is what we in the west call a nanny-stater. He vows to support a nationwide ban on smoking in public places. Now please tell me what on God’s green earth makes him think the Federal Government has any authority to even contemplate such stupidity. While governor of Arkansas, the Huck instituted ARKids, a nice little socialized medicine program that would make Hillary blush. In addition to that, he promoted a policy to fight obesity, by banning so called ‘junk food’ from the schools and, worse, having the kids subjected to body fat tests. Top this nonsense off with his career long coddling of illegal aliens, going so far to call the conservatives in Arkansas who proposed to cut off benefits to illegals “racists and demagogues”, and his liberal record on taxes and what you end up with is a socially conservative democrat. I guess if you claim to be doing it for God or ‘for the children’, then you can bamboozle a fair number of voters.


Mr. Romney on the other hand, has a somewhat better fiscal record as Governor of Massachusetts than Huckabee had in Arkansas. However, he was a true liberal on far too many other issues. He was exceedingly helpful to the gay lobby in his state, and he presided over the only state in the country to institutionalize “gay marriage”. The Massachusetts schools now have the most gay agenda friendly curricula in the country, outside of San Francisco, thanks to Mitt. In addition, Romney’s record on the 2nd amendment – something few northeastern liberals even understand, much less support – is abysmal. He still stands by his decision to ban ‘assault weapons’, despite not knowing the difference between an assault rifle and a turnip. And he vowed not to “chip away” at Massachusetts’ onerous gun laws, and he didn’t. Mitt is trying to pass himself off as a conservative now; but with no military expertise or experience, a lifelong ‘pro-choice’ stance, purposely distancing himself from the Reagan era, and burdening his state with mandatory RomneyCare, there is no reason for conservatives to give this man a vote. Yes, he has flipped flopped on a number of positions, but that in itself reeks of opportunism, not character. After all, he is in his sixties, not a young man who understandably grew more conservative in his 30s and 40s.


Does all this mean that Wyoming should instead choose John “Amnesty” McCain, Rudy “sanctuary city” Giuliani or Fred “global warming” Thompson, instead of Huck or Mitt? The answer is emphatically NO.


Duncan Hunter is the man that all good conservatives should be supporting. And Wyoming has a chance to be the antidote to the foolishness that transpired in Iowa. Hunter has limited funds and a full time job, so he basically passed on Iowa and instead is targeting early primary states New Hampshire, Michigan, South Carolina, Nevada, and of course, the Cowboy State.


Why Hunter? Here are 8 very good reasons:

1. He is a true Reaganite. He lives and breathes ‘Peace through Strength’ and is dedicated to taming the federal leviathan. He is on record for wanting to gut the Department of Education, curtail the EPA and OSHA, eliminate the Department of Energy, the NEA and the NEH, in addition to freezing all non military spending. Hunter will also work to return the military to Reagan era prominence and beyond, including space based weaponry.


2. Hunter is the most conservative man in the race. Period. And it is not a conservatism born from a decision to run for President. It is his basic philosophy, and has been his entire adult life. He is rated lifetime at 92% by the American Conservative Union, 100% by the National Right to Life, and gets A’s from both the Gun Owners of America and the NRA.


3. Hunter is the ONLY one willing to go after communist China. Not only for their multi-faceted cheating on trade, which has ruptured our industrial manufacturing base, but for all the other malfeasance, including their incessant pirating of US software, their blatant industrial and military espionage, and their alarming military arsenal buildup. Hunter will also end the suicidal selling of our sophisticated dual use technologies to these communist adversaries.


4. Hunter is a tax cutter without equal in the race. Not only is Hunter’s voting record in Congress on tax cuts and tax increases nearly perfect, he also has sponsored and pushed for tax cuts, when the dems and RINOs were busy compromising. He is an original cosponsor of the Fair Tax, which would eliminate the IRS and replace the income tax with a sales tax. This would also tremendously boost the US manufacturing sector, as well as get rid of a poisonous bureaucracy that cost 10s of billions to operate.


5. Energy Independence is not some buzz phrase used by Hunter, like the others, to give lip service to environmentalists or to bemoan our “addiction to oil”. Rather, as in most every other category, Hunter views energy independence through the eyes of national security patriot. Hunter proposes increasing the use of coal and shale- including Wyoming’s, opening up the coastlines for more oil exploration and extraction, increasing Alaska’s production, erecting new nuclear power plants, as well as giving tax incentives for alternative and ‘clean’ energies. In other words, Hunter fully intends to follow through with energy independence, and won’t be intimidated by the greenies, like the rest of field.


6. When it comes to the southern border and illegal immigration, no one, not even Mr. Tancredo who recently departed the race, can hold a candle to Hunter’s efforts. Not only did he write the “Secure Fence Act” and build a border fence in his home county of San Diego, Hunter is the only one who will not compromise on amnesty for those already here. His position has always been that all illegals must return home, THEN get in the back of the line. And with 85 bills and amendments that Hunter has sponsored over his career dealing with this problem, rest assured he means every word of it today. Every other candidate is a flip flopper on this issue, at best, after dismal careers exacerbating or ignoring the problem.


7. Hunter is a military expert. Perhaps more so than anyone in Washington DC, including most of the folks in the Pentagon. Hunter was Reagan’s staunchest ally in rebuilding our military after the post Vietnam and Carter malaise. Reagan chose Hunter to lead the US delegation to European capitals to sell them on SDI (missile defense). And Reagan leaned on Hunter to help keep the communists at bay in Central America; and together they did just that. Hunter also interrupted his college career as a young man to volunteer for the jungles of Vietnam, as an Airborne Ranger. He has been on the Armed Services Committee for his entire congressional career, and led that group prior to the democrat takeover in 2006. Hunter is a hawk’s hawk and has an unmatched knowledge of weapon systems, tactics and needed troop levels. He is a former President of the American Security Council, the group that Reagan leaned on for many of his strategies. The islamists, Iran, China, Russia and Venezuela will not approve of Hunter’s forward leaning agenda, but Ronald Reagan sure would.


8. Hunter does not have a politically correct bone in his body. This does not mean he says outrageous things, like a Michael Savage, to garner attention. But he is unflappable in his stands that the military should not accept homosexuality. He has never flinched over Bush’s decision to keep Gitmo open and he will not go along with the anti-torture crowd for treating terrorists with kid gloves. He forced the Air Force to rescind a policy that prohibited chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name. He took on the ACLU to save the Mt. Soledad Cross War Memorial in San Diego. He does not give lip service to Kwaanza or Gay Pride festivals or the ‘holy’ month of Ramadan. Hunter also wants to restore the ability for children to be able to pray in public schools, one of Reagan’s pet issues.


What Duncan Hunter won’t do.

Hunter will not, like Mike Huckabee, John McCain, and Mitt Romney, move us closer to socialized medicine in this country. Hunter’s ideas are all market based and entail deregulation and cutting mandates to give the consumers better control of their medical expenses and insurance options.


Hunter will not, like Fred Thompson, Rudy Giuliani, McCain, Romney, and Huckabee, do anything that will remotely lead to putting the United States of America in a sovereignty usurping treaty on global warming. Fred started the ball rolling in that direction with his sponsorship in 2002 of Title X Climate Change Strategy (S.Amdt 3232), that explicitly calls for a binding international treaty. And McCain and Huckabee have committed to introducing mandatory ‘cap and trade’ on CO2 emissions, all for a problem that does not even exist.


Hunter will not, like Rudy and McCain and Romney, allow ANY new gun control legislation to pass his desk. Unlike these clowns, Hunter understands that the 2nd Amendment is “absolute”.

Hunter will not, like Huckabee and McCain have proposed, shut down our Guantanamo Bay prison and end ‘waterboarding’ because of international and leftist pressure.


Hunter will not, like McCain and Thompson, trample on the first amendment for the sake of nebulous ‘campaign finance reform’.


Hunter will not, as the Bush administration has done, and echoed by most of the 2008 candidates, put pressure on Israel to give up one inch of land for “peace” with a Palestinian State.


Hunter will not, like Fred and Rudy and McCain and Romney, limit the fight against abortion to picking ‘constructionist’ judges in the hopes that Roe V. Wade may one day be overturned. Hunter will fight for the life of the unborn on all fronts, including his own legislation to give full Constitutional protections to the unborn, which would end abortion in this country once and for all.


Hunter will not, like all the others, allow the ridiculous stipulations that are in the WTO and NAFTA to continue trampling on our sovereignty. The WTO forced the US to rescind its tax rebates to US exporters, calling it an illegal subsidy. NAFTA is allowing unfettered, un-inspected Mexican truck traffic on US roads. Hunter will force renegotiations on both of these, and remove anything that usurps US sovereignty on trade.

Hunter will not, like all the others, continue to allow sensitive technologies to be transferred to communist China or any other adversary, despite the globalists’ demands.


Hunter will not, like all the others, continue to watch our manufacturing base slip away. Hunter is the only one to propose eliminating ALL taxes on US manufacturers and will enforce the law when it comes to US manufactured content in our defense systems.


Hunter will not, like Fred Thompson did in 1996, propose a juvenile crime bill that mandates rehabilitation over incarceration to the states. (S.1952, the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act of 1996)


Hunter will not, as Fred Thompson did in 2000, support Robert Byrd’s boneheaded attempt (S.Amdt 4115) to require that the United States GIVE china our clean energy technology to “assist China’s energy sector”.

Hunter will not, as John McCain has done, promote federal involvement in testing steroid use in athletes (S.718) or support Ted Kennedy in the fight to put the FDA in charge of tobacco regulation (S.2626), or try to force background checks for Gun shows (S.890).


Hunter will not, as Mitt Romney has done, force insurers to pay for abortion services.


Hunter will not, as Huckabee did in Arkansas in 2005, complain about the arrest and deportation of illegal aliens by ICE.


And Hunter will not, EVER, say something as asinine as Rudy Giuliani did to justify his NY City lawsuit against gun manufacturers, telling his radio audience that the manufacturers “knowingly overproduced guns, way beyond what is necessary for hunting and law enforcement”.

This weekend, my Wyoming friends, you have a chance to prove to the nation that a rock-ribbed, conservative Reaganite is still the preferred character we are looking for in a republican leader. Hunter is the only man standing that fits that bill. The rest are either extreme flip-floppers (Mitt), life long centrists (Fred – who supported liberal Howard Baker over the Gipper), mavericks with a big liberal streak (McCain), out and out liberals (Rudy), or a socially conservative nanny (Huckabee).

While it is true that McCain has serious national security experience to rival Hunter’s, he has neither the wisdom nor the temperament to make sound decisions. His teaming with Fred Thompson, John Kerry and Russ Feingold to kill the B2 bomber program, his foolish insistence that we close Gitmo, and his inexplicable dedication to open borders at the risk of our national security are all disqualifiers for the maverick.

Hunter, however, does not have a single weakness on the national security front. Nor will he ever kowtow to ‘world opinion’. And his overall conservatism on all issues, ranging from energy, to the federal bureaucracy, to industrial might, to the life of the unborn, to war and peace, is exactly what is needed by this country at this time of peril. The GOP is in danger of losing what is left of the Reagan Coalition. Let us work to re-stoke that fire that Reagan started with his speech, A Time for Choosing, so long ago.

It is time for another California Cowboy to ride into the oval office, and take on the enemies of our nation, both internal and external, and put the meaning back into conservatism.


Alexander J. Madison


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