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Veterans in Nevada to receive visit from Duncan Hunter

Posted by sierrascrapper on November 6, 2007

Congressman Duncan Hunter is making another visit to northern Nevada over the Veteran’s Day weekend.  Duncan Hunter will arrive in Reno, NV after appearing as the Grand Marshall in the Veteran’s Day Parade in San Diego, CA.  Duncan Hunter will be in the Veterans Day Parade in downtown Reno, NV on Sunday November 11, 2007.  He is the ONLY candidate to appear in Nevada in honor of our nation’s veterans.

A townhall meeting has been scheduled for 3:30PM at the Best Western Airport Plaza 1971 Terminal Way in the 2nd floor ballroom.  This will give Nevadans an excellent opportunity to understand the vision Congressman Hunter has for our nation as President. 

That evening Congressman Hunter will embark on a trip to Elko, NV.  He will speak at a townhall meeting in Elko on Monday, November 12th at 8:30am and then visit the Neumont Mine-South Area Operation to meet with the workers at the mine.  He will then make several short stops at the local’s favorite restaurants in Carlin, Battle Mountain, Winnemucca and Lovelock to meet with rural Nevadans.

Join us in supporting Duncan Hunter and bring a friend.


One Response to “Veterans in Nevada to receive visit from Duncan Hunter”

  1. Dannygirl said


    The Incredibile Cowardness of the Christian Right.

    November 3, 2007 | Dannygirl

    Posted on 11/03/2007 5:16:05 PM PDT by dannygirl

    I’m angry when I see the unfair united effort to shut out true conservatives like Duncan Hunter. Many Christian Conservatives are acting like cowards. They fear men rather choosing the very best person. Even if that person is not well known, or has lot of money behind them. They ignore Duncan Hunter’s stand on the issues.The people are not listening to him. He has a definite plan and vision for America. All the Rinos are starting copying him. He makes them look bad. The Rinos only see money. For themselves. They are more afraid of Hillary Clinton and the believe all the hype and lies that only a name can win. So we have to choose one of four Rinos or Mike Huckabee. But, Duncan Hunter has all this experience, integrity and Character. Some say he’s too Conservative. That’s a good thing. Which shows they don’t really want a true conservative in the the White House or anything to change.

    Hunter has served 26 years in Congress. He is the only one of Republican candidates who has one of his children serving in the Military. His son Duncan Jr is in his third tour duty in Afghanstan. He has a very good and unwavering record on conservative values. Strong on the protection of life for the unborn child. He wrote the unborn Child act in Congress. He has consistently stood on marriage between only a man and a woman. It seems many Christian conservatives are too blind, too weak, and too foolish that they will take just about anything. Believing the lie that they need a well known name to beat Hillary Clinton. Every ones afraid of a woman. Everyone afraid of a woman who has no character, integrity or ethics. What happen to faith?

    I question integrity these days. There seems be bias in the Christian Right no different from that of those in the Republican party that are determined to force one of the four Rinos or weak compromised Mike Huckabee down our throats. After you know Mike Huckabee’s well documented record on immigration and how Pro SPP and pro illegal Alien he has been. He even charged this country with racism. Yet, they still say they believe he’s coming around. Yeah. Because that’s what America needs. A Presidential Candidate that may or may not keep his word because he had to change his stand just to get the Christian Right Vote. This is weak compromise. Here is Huckabee in his own words on his web site trying to have it both ways. He says “close the borders now”, but: “We need to create a process to allow people to come here to do the jobs – plucking chickens, tarring roofs, picking fruits – that are going unfilled by our citizens. They must have a tamper-proof, scannable I. D. with a finger or retinal scan, so that their employers know they belong here “. It’s all about money. Low wages creating a surf class.

    It is said by those in the Christian Right that Huckabee’s record on abortion is no different than Duncan Hunter. They are wrong Duncan Hunter record on Pro- Life issuses is longer and better than Huckebee’s. He wrote many Unborn Child bills. He wrote the Border fence bill. He was the Chairman on the Arms Services Committee. He wrote bills on Marriage between a Man and a Woman. Hunter is a far better man. Huckabee is weak and compromised. Which I fear they are too. Knowing this man’s record and having to coax him to “he’s coming around” as they have put it.

    Is it because of fear that Dr James Dobson, Tony Perkins and Phyllis Shlatley chickened out on the third party threat? Both Dr James Dodson, and (turn coat) Tony Perkins make no sense. They dislike the Rino choices, threatens a third party then, chickens out. Dr. Dobson openly rejects Thompson twice. Rightly so. But then he would back Romney. The Pro – homosexual Mormon? Both Thompson and Romeny are the same man. But Romeny is so two faced he has to go through a door sideways just to fit those two heads of his.

    The four top Rinos Romney, Thompson, Giuliani, and Mc Cain are all the same man. They are all behind SPP North American Union and the illegal invasion, and are very dangerous to sovereignty of the United States. Huckabee is compromised and weak. He claims to be a Christian, but he is every bit in agreement with SPP and is pro illegal Alien. No matter what they all say now when they are running for President. I believe Huckabee will turn just like George Bush.

    If Mike Huckabee got the nomination and then the Presidency he would still stall on the Border fence. He would give us a virtual electronic fences. Gadgets. The real fence would never be completed. He would reestablish SPP. He would leave the door open for illegal aliens. We would never get rid of Vicente Fox or Calderon. He probably find a way to give illegal aliens amnesty. He can not be trusted.

    Wasn’t George Bush well known as a Christian? With his Scull and Bones membership. Didn’t Bush serenade us while he tried to bring a North American Union under our noses? With his serendipity. Not to mention trying to force multiculturalism multireligions on American. By the way, Serendipity means :an aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident. (for the elites, the Scull and Bones brothers) It also comes from old Persian fairy tales of The Three Princes of Serendip of Sari Lanka that was once a Muslim Moors trading post during the height of the Caliphate.

    The only one that has the integrity and is strong enough to rid the White House of everything that smacks of Bill Clinton and George Bush is Duncan Hunter. He would clean house. Leaving no residue of Bush or Clinton. He strongly believes in sovereignty of America. And not some globalist agenda. He would break the trade agreements with China. He would bring back American jobs. He would build the border fence. He would send the illegal aliens back to their own countries. He would build up a strong defense for our military. He is a Christian without being a phony. He’s not going to use his Christian faith to serenade Christians while destroying America.

    Duncan Hunter would put the American people interest first.I would go on further to say, Duncan Hunter would succeed Ronald Regan with his own legacy being even greater than that of Reagan’s.

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