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Duncan Hunter is in this to WIN!!!

Posted by sierrascrapper on November 1, 2007

My fellow activists, voters, friends.

 There has been an aggregious act committed against Congresssman Duncan Hunter today.  A prank news announcement has been created at spoof.com about Duncan Hunter.  It states that he is dropping out of the race for President.  The fake news story is completely FALSE and I urge all readers to take action to make sure the word gets out that the story is a HOAX.

The proof that Duncan Hunter is in this election to win can be seen in the event that was announced on October 31,2007.  Duncan Hunter submitted his application and $1000 fee to get his name on the Primary ballot in New Hampshire.  The news of this event was reported by the AP and was posted on several websites.  One is the Boston.com website http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2007/10/31/duncan_hunter_files_for_primary_ballot/“>

You can also find the AP story on Yahoo News.  http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20071031/ap_po/on_the2008_trail_1

 Do not be fooled my friends, the reason these attacks are occurring is due to the fact that Duncan Hunter is gaining momentum and he is the only TRUE CONSERVATIVE in this race for the White House.  I find it quite disturbing that folks have to slink to such low depths in order to attempt to mislead the public and make them believe something that is not true.  The scary part is that a lot of people believe anything they read on the internet.  As Americans we need to make sure that we are doing our homework on the candidates and finding out the facts for ourselves.  We should read about each of the candidates views and find the candidate that most matches our standards and beliefs for our nation. 

In my case, Duncan Hunter is the ONLY choice for President.


5 Responses to “Duncan Hunter is in this to WIN!!!”

  1. I was surprised when I heard that he was falling out. Glad the rumors are false.

  2. Dennis McCarthy said

    If this was indeed a satirical spoof, I don’t get it.

    If this was a way to sabotage a campaign growing in momentum daily, a la the guy filing for the New Hampshire primary (as a Democrat) who calls himself “D. Hunter”, then it’s a deliberate attempt at misdirection, and it’s beneath contempt.

    I thought most folks believed Duncan Hunter couldn’t win the nomination of the Republican party. Why, then, are people crawling out from under their rocks to try to derail his campaign? They’re scared, people. They’re deathly afraid. And Duncan Hunter is not going away.

  3. sherry darnell said

    it is just so painful to see that a truly honorable man like Duncan Hunter would have to endure such dishonorable tactics. for someone to be so mean spirited as to post a deliberate lie ie.. that he has pulled from the race, is deplorable. Duncan Hunter is running and is the hope of all who love this country.

  4. Chris From Mich said

    I really LOVE what this guy Hunter has in store for the US…he is everything this conservative wants and I am voting for him in the primaries AND then next in the National election. It’s not surprising that the lazy and lifeless news media would pick up a story that is untrue and too lazy to do their homework. Funny how anyone with a computer and a blog is also considered ‘quotable’ and gossip, satire, fantasy, and facade becomes FACT and news. Insane!


  5. thelastinkling said

    I don’t find this funny in the least bit…. Hunter is in this to win it, and we’re right here behind him.

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