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Duncan Hunter Criticizes China at Conservative Leadership Conference

Posted by sierrascrapper on October 13, 2007

Congressman Hunter brought the crowd to their feet today as he spoke at the Conservative Leadership Conference being held in Sparks, Nevada.  In conversations that were overheard after the speech, there was much talk of folks putting their support behind Congressman Hunter.  It was absolutely incredible.  More commentary to come in a short while.   Back to the conference for more learning and political discussion. 

GOP candidate criticizes China in speech


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Before a crowd of libertarian-leaning conservatives, Republican presidential candidate Duncan Hunter sounded a protectionist theme Saturday, vowing to save American manufacturing jobs by ending China’s unfair trading practices and to build 850 miles of double fence along the Mexican border.

Hunter, a Congressman from Southern California, spoke before the Conservative Leadership Conference in Sparks.
“The one thing I will do as president of the United States is stop China from cheating on trade, bring back high-paying manufacturing jobs and hook this party back up with the middle class and the Reagan Democrats that brought us victory back in the old days,” he said.
Hunter spent much of his 35-minute speech decrying China’s strategy of devaluing its currency and lamenting the flagging capacity of the United States to manufacture equipment needed by the military.
His stop at the conservative conference marked Hunter’s second campaign visit to Northern Nevada. Over Labor Day weekend, Hunter stopped in at the Rib Cookoff in Sparks and kicking off a rally for the troops fighting in Iraq in Carson City.
Hunter’s poll numbers in Nevada reflect his standing in national polls, which reside in the low single digits. His fundraising numbers, lag similarly behind the other Republican contenders as well.
But Hunter said he doesn’t need to hire an army of consultants.
“I know what I stand for and I know what I’ve done,” he said.
He then touted his support of a double fence to protect the border in his San Diego district, which, he said has helped stem the flow of illegal immigrants.
“As president, I’ll build that border fence, all 854 miles of it, in six months,” he said. “That is my commitment to you.”
Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who spoke Friday at the conference, disputed that the border fence alone can be relied upon to keep illegal immigrants out.
“A little less than half they can stop, even with the double fence,” he said. “You have to turn off the magnets (of employment) and it will stop.”
Hunter, who has a son fighting in Afghanistan, said his priority would be to “leave Iraq in victory” and then stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons.
He also promised an abortion litmus test when appointing federal judges.
“If a candidate for the federal bench can pick up a sonogram of an unborn child and not see a valuable human life, I will not put that candidate on the bench,” he said.


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