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Hunter Follows Through on his Threat to Columbia

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 29, 2007

Duncan Hunter warned Columbia…but they didn’t listen…so, Hunter has
followed through:

H.R. 3675: To prohibit Federal grants to or contracts with Columbia

See: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h110-3675

Did any other other candidates running for President follow through on how they felt about the Iranian President speaking at Columbia?  I THINK NOT!  Duncan Hunter is the FIRST to speak up about this issue and he is the FIRST one to ACT on this issue.

 What has your candidate done for YOUR country lately???

One Response to “Hunter Follows Through on his Threat to Columbia”

  1. JR said

    Why was this not reported during the 10:00 news? Why are Rush and Hannity silent on this proposed bill?

    Why is it that Duncan Hunter, the best candidate for president, couldn’t get a headline if he single handedly took our an Al Qaeda terrorist cell plotting to kill Paris Hilton?

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