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Posted by sierrascrapper on September 26, 2007

Recent newspaper column written by Janie B for the Dallas Morning News relating to why Duncan Hunter won the Texas Straw Poll held in late August of 2007. 

I attended the Texas GOP Straw Poll in Fort Worth a few weeks ago and voted for 2008 Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter.  Mr. Hunter’s overwhelming victory in the straw poll among the Republican base provided a perfect opportunity for our local media to inform the public about him and maybe even investigate why he won in Texas.  After all, many people still have not heard of him, and certainly don’t know his background or what he stands for.   Since the media largely chose not to take the opportunity, I will.

First, some background.  Duncan Hunter is a decorated Vietnam veteran.  He and his wife of 33 years, Lynne, have two sons, one of whom is a Marine who served in Iraq, and is currently serving in Afghanistan.   Mr. Hunter was first elected U.S. Representative from the San Diego, California area in 1980, and has been reelected with the support of large majorities of Democrats and Republicans since that time. He became a member of the Armed Services Committee early in his career, became chairman in 2002, and is currently the ranking Republican member.

So, why did Duncan Hunter win the Texas GOP Straw Poll?   I believe it comes down to this:  Duncan Hunter believes in America and what it stands for, and he courageously lives by core conservative principles that have never wavered, regardless of the prevailing political winds.   He says what he means and means (and does) what he says, and Texans like that in a person.

Most of us, as Texans and Americans, believe in our country and its people infinitely more than we believe in any politician or party.   I have to confess, I have been furious with the Republican leadership for the past several years.  I stopped contributing time and money to the party when I realized that many of its national leaders are more interested in preserving their own political careers than they are in preserving our country.   So, why did I go to the Texas GOP Straw Poll?  The one and only reason: to vote for Duncan Hunter. 

For the first time since Ronald Reagan, I am inspired by a candidate for President.   I had the privilege to personally meet him at the Straw Poll, and found him to be confident, optimistic, articulate, and extremely intelligent, with a self-deprecating sense of humor.   He is also a gentleman, even when the public isn’t watching – definitely not your typical politician.   

As for his record, Duncan Hunter’s votes have always matched his words.   He has consistently voted to reduce government control over our lives, while maintaining a strong national defense.   He understands the threat of Islamic terrorism in America and abroad.   He has been consistently pro-life, and strongly supports the Second Amendment – not as a right to hunt, but as a deterrent to tyranny, as the founders intended. 

Duncan Hunter especially inspires me because he is not afraid to part ways with the Republican establishment when it fails to act in the best interests of the country.  On issues like amnesty, unfair trade practices with China, the NAFTA superhighway, and unconstitutional campaign finance reform, Duncan Hunter has voted against many in his own party.   He has been a tireless advocate for national sovereignty and the rule of law throughout his years of public service.  

Duncan Hunter had a double-border fence built in San Diego several years ago, which reduced the drug-smuggling trade there by 90%.   He also wrote the Secure Border Fence Act of 2006.  The act, now law, mandates the extension of the fence along our entire southern border.

The media and the Republican party elite have spent the past year focused on their chosen “top tier” candidates (the “Ted Kennedy wing of the Republican party,” as Duncan Hunter likes to call them).   My advice to any Republican or Democrat who cares about the future of the country is this:  don’t let other people limit your choices.   Right now, you have the chance to vote for the only true conservative in the race – Duncan Hunter.   Don’t waste your precious vote on anybody else.

If you would like to learn more about Duncan Hunter, visit his Official Website or join one of our groups Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group or Duncan Hunter National Meetup Group


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