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Duncan Hunter Supports our Troops

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 17, 2007

Duncan Hunter is one of the few candidates running for President that has served our nation in the military and also has a son currently serving in the military.  At a time when our nation is fighting a war against terror, we need a leader who has a strong military background and knows what it takes to protect our nation from the evil that is bearing down on us.

Congressman Hunter took the time out of his busy schedule to show up to THREE Fight for Victory Tour events sponsored by Move America Forward which is a pro-troop organization.  The Fight for Victory Tour began in Carson City where Duncan Hunter spoke in support of our troops and this organization.  He also spoke for the group when they first arrived in Washington DC on September 14th to talk to Senator Harry Reid and Congress.  To top it all off, Duncan Hunter joined up with the Gathering of Eagles and Move America Forward to speak in support of our troops in a protest against the ANSWER movement who was holding anti-war protests in Washington on Saturday, September 15th.  Listen to his speech at the Gathering of Eagles, then decide who you think should be our next President of the United States.

Here is what Duncan Hunter said in response to John Warner’s comments:

Monday, August 27, 2007
Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter responds to comments by Senator John Warner

Fort Worth, TX-GOP presidential contender Duncan Hunter responded sharply to comments offered by Senator John Warner, former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman. Last week Warner urged the beginning of a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, saying President Bush should put “decisive pressure” on Iraqi leaders to let them know “we’re not going to be there forever,” said Warner on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. Senator Warner’s suggested bringing some 5,000 troops by the end of the year.

Upon learning of Sen. Warner’s comments in the nation’s capital, Hunter quickly responded, “Our service men and women stand right now, as we speak, in harm’s way, ready to sacrifice everything for our nation’s defense and for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Just when we are beginning to see real progress under the capable General Petraeus, Senator Warner, whom I respect, undermines their efforts by tucking tail. He continued, “As President I WILL NOT cower under pressure from politicians, media, or the international community. This nation is great because it is just and free. We absolutely cannot back down in defending that freedom. I am very disappointed in Sen. Warner tonight, and I trust his comments will fall on deaf ears.”

Ironically, while Warner addressed the Washington press corps on his call for withdrawal, Hunter fielded questions from a packed house of Arlington, Texas, Republicans. Asked how do we get out of Iraq, Hunter explained the second phase of the American blueprint for expanding freedom was well underway. “A government, elected by its people, has been stood up. The U.S. military is now in the process of standing up an Iraqi military capable of protecting the government.”

Hunter explained that most of the 129 Iraqi battalions had not undertaken extensive combat operations and should be deployed for three to four months in contentious Iraq battle zones to demonstrate their combat effectiveness. Hunter added, “Once reliability is established in the Iraqi military, they will be capable of rotating into the battlefield throughout Iraq, displacing U.S. combat forces, that’s how we leave Iraq, which will amount to an unprecedented success in the most difficult region of the new era.”

Hunter took a shot at the Democrats for what he called, “ignoring the U.S. military and shunning their accomplishments.” Hunter contends that while working on the war issues in both the house and senate, not one single Democrat commended the U.S. Marines Corps for the progress they are making in Iraq.

Congressman Hunter is the counterpart to Senator Warner, the senior Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee . Hunter now the Ranking Republican Member of House Armed Services Committee was that committee’s chairman for four years.

If you would like to learn more about Duncan Hunter, visit Duncan Hunter Official Website and consider joining a support group for Duncan Hunter here: Duncan Hunter Meetup Group  or here: Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group


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