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Duncan Hunter Interview with the Baptist Press

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 30, 2007

For those of you looking for a President that will lead our nation with God’s hand on his shoulder, look no further than Duncan Hunter.  One of the best quotes from the interview with the Baptist Press is this:

“Like everybody in public life,” he said, “I think you have a constant challenge of serving your job, serving your constituents and at the same time serving God and trying to renew your service to God and your allegiance to God every day. Ensuring His principles are embedded in your service as a representative is a major challenge, but I think that’s something you have to work on every single day.”

I am so inspired by Duncan Hunter and his faith in God.  This man is someone that you can trust to lead our country in the right direction.  Read a few excerpts below…

Duncan Hunter was interviewed by Will Hall, executive editor of the Baptist Press.  An article was written based on the transcipt of the interview by Michael Foust on Sept. 28, 2007.  Full article here

He acknowledges his busy schedule makes it tough to find a regular daily time to pray and read Scripture, but says his faith nonetheless gives him strength. He has a particular interest in the faith of America’s founding fathers and currently is reading “America’s God and Country,” a compilation of quotes highlighting the nation’s Christian heritage.

ON ABORTION & JUDGES: “If a candidate for the federal bench can look at a picture, a sonogram, of an unborn child and not see a valuable human being, I will not appoint that candidate to the federal bench, period.”

ON ‘GAY MARRIAGE’ & JUDGES: “I think that the institution of marriage is probably the most important institution in our country. It is a building block that our entire society is based on because it shapes the character of our children. So, I’m very strong for traditional marriage and if it’s necessary for a constitutional amendment. I will support that. In fact, I’ve supported that in the past.

“Beyond that, I believe in strict constructionist judges. That is, if a judicial candidate feels that somehow people like James Madison and Benjamin Franklin and many other founding fathers didn’t get it right, that he’s going to legislate from the bench, that judicial candidate will never receive a nomination from me.”


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Hunter Follows Through on his Threat to Columbia

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 29, 2007

Duncan Hunter warned Columbia…but they didn’t listen…so, Hunter has
followed through:

H.R. 3675: To prohibit Federal grants to or contracts with Columbia

See: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h110-3675

Did any other other candidates running for President follow through on how they felt about the Iranian President speaking at Columbia?  I THINK NOT!  Duncan Hunter is the FIRST to speak up about this issue and he is the FIRST one to ACT on this issue.

 What has your candidate done for YOUR country lately???

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Duncan Hunter on PBS at Presidential Forum in MD

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 28, 2007

Duncan Hunter is once again showing his interest in all Americans.  Duncan Hunter participated in the All-American Presidential Forum on PBS at Morgan State University.  The “top tier” Romney, Guiliani, Thompson, McCain decided not to make their presence known at this debate and it shows that they do not want to face all Americans and deal with the topics that are important to them.  You can watch the debate that took place on September 27, 2007 here:

PBS All-American Presidential Forum

If you would like to listen to Duncan Hunter’s answers specifically, you can watch them here:

and here:

Duncan Hunter outlined his strategy on Iraq, securing the borders and deporting illegal aliens in an interview with Judy Woodruff on PBS on September 26, 2007.

You can download the audio clips of the interview here: PBS Audio Interview

You can also read the transcript here: PBS Interview Transcript

To learn more about Duncan Hunter visit his website

Or join one of our groups:
Duncan Hunter Meetup Group
Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group

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Duncan Hunter…A leader that stands for America

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 26, 2007

Recent newspaper column written by Janie B for the Dallas Morning News relating to why Duncan Hunter won the Texas Straw Poll held in late August of 2007. 

I attended the Texas GOP Straw Poll in Fort Worth a few weeks ago and voted for 2008 Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter.  Mr. Hunter’s overwhelming victory in the straw poll among the Republican base provided a perfect opportunity for our local media to inform the public about him and maybe even investigate why he won in Texas.  After all, many people still have not heard of him, and certainly don’t know his background or what he stands for.   Since the media largely chose not to take the opportunity, I will.

First, some background.  Duncan Hunter is a decorated Vietnam veteran.  He and his wife of 33 years, Lynne, have two sons, one of whom is a Marine who served in Iraq, and is currently serving in Afghanistan.   Mr. Hunter was first elected U.S. Representative from the San Diego, California area in 1980, and has been reelected with the support of large majorities of Democrats and Republicans since that time. He became a member of the Armed Services Committee early in his career, became chairman in 2002, and is currently the ranking Republican member.

So, why did Duncan Hunter win the Texas GOP Straw Poll?   I believe it comes down to this:  Duncan Hunter believes in America and what it stands for, and he courageously lives by core conservative principles that have never wavered, regardless of the prevailing political winds.   He says what he means and means (and does) what he says, and Texans like that in a person.

Most of us, as Texans and Americans, believe in our country and its people infinitely more than we believe in any politician or party.   I have to confess, I have been furious with the Republican leadership for the past several years.  I stopped contributing time and money to the party when I realized that many of its national leaders are more interested in preserving their own political careers than they are in preserving our country.   So, why did I go to the Texas GOP Straw Poll?  The one and only reason: to vote for Duncan Hunter. 

For the first time since Ronald Reagan, I am inspired by a candidate for President.   I had the privilege to personally meet him at the Straw Poll, and found him to be confident, optimistic, articulate, and extremely intelligent, with a self-deprecating sense of humor.   He is also a gentleman, even when the public isn’t watching – definitely not your typical politician.   

As for his record, Duncan Hunter’s votes have always matched his words.   He has consistently voted to reduce government control over our lives, while maintaining a strong national defense.   He understands the threat of Islamic terrorism in America and abroad.   He has been consistently pro-life, and strongly supports the Second Amendment – not as a right to hunt, but as a deterrent to tyranny, as the founders intended. 

Duncan Hunter especially inspires me because he is not afraid to part ways with the Republican establishment when it fails to act in the best interests of the country.  On issues like amnesty, unfair trade practices with China, the NAFTA superhighway, and unconstitutional campaign finance reform, Duncan Hunter has voted against many in his own party.   He has been a tireless advocate for national sovereignty and the rule of law throughout his years of public service.  

Duncan Hunter had a double-border fence built in San Diego several years ago, which reduced the drug-smuggling trade there by 90%.   He also wrote the Secure Border Fence Act of 2006.  The act, now law, mandates the extension of the fence along our entire southern border.

The media and the Republican party elite have spent the past year focused on their chosen “top tier” candidates (the “Ted Kennedy wing of the Republican party,” as Duncan Hunter likes to call them).   My advice to any Republican or Democrat who cares about the future of the country is this:  don’t let other people limit your choices.   Right now, you have the chance to vote for the only true conservative in the race – Duncan Hunter.   Don’t waste your precious vote on anybody else.

If you would like to learn more about Duncan Hunter, visit his Official Website or join one of our groups Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group or Duncan Hunter National Meetup Group

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Military Moms Win Against Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 25, 2007

I received this story in my email box today and wanted to share with everyone the wonderful success these two Moms and Move America Forward had in Washington DC last week.  Gold Star mom Debbie Lee and Blue Star mom Deborah Johns led a pro-troop caravan across more than 4,500 miles in the “Fight for Victory” Tour. One presidential candidate appears in the ad with the two moms. Can you guess which candidate it is?Read the story below to find out who the TRUE CONSERVATIVE in the race for  President is in 2008.  The only candidate to support this movement, cared enough about our troops to show up 3 times to speak on their behalf.  That speaks volumes about the intregrity of Duncan Hunter and one of the reasons that he should be our next President.

Tuesday, September 25 , 2007

For two weeks Gold Star Mom Debbie Lee and Blue Star Mom Deborah Johns led a pro-troop caravan of vehicles that traveled more than 4,500 miles across this country in the “Fight for Victory Tour.” They held 27 pro-troop rallies in cities across America, with their objective being to stop Senator Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from undermining our troops in Iraq.

In a tale akin to David v. Goliath, these two military moms won – and Reid and Pelosi lost!!!

As the New York Times admitted in a news story published this past week:

“With other war initiatives seemingly headed for the same fate, Senate Democrats, who only two weeks ago proclaimed September to be the month for shifting course in Iraq, conceded that they had little chance of success.”

Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns are both single moms who gave up two weeks of their lives, away from their families, to join with the pro-troop organization, Move America Forward, and rally the American people to stand behind our troops and their missions in the war on terror.

Debbie Lee’s son, Marc Alan Lee, was the first Navy Seal killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Deborah John’s son, Marine Sgt. William Johns, has proudly served 3 tours of duty in Iraq – and volunteered to go back for a 4th deployment.

Now these patriotic women stand ready to fight back from the next round of attacks against our troops and their missions by MoveOn.org and their allies in the anti-military Left.

MoveOn.org and the anti-military left are currently spending MILLIONS of dollars in advertising to beat down the morale of the American people and urge them to turn against the missions of our troops.
Now it’s time for us to respond with our positive, pro-troop national advertising campaigns!Instead of full-page ads attacking our generals, as purchased by MoveOn.org, we have the chance to run full page newspaper ads, and national television ad campaigns, featuring the patriotic, pro-troop message of military moms Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns.>>> We need every person reading this email to pitch in and support this effort with a donation – no matter how small or large of a contribution you can afford to make.

How 2 Pro-Troop Moms Spent
Their Summer Vacation

Here’s a few photographs from the cross-country, pro-troop, trek across this nation. If you want to see stories like this told to the American people then help these military mom’s raise the funds to purchase airtime to get their stories told – CLICK HERE TO CONTRIBUTE.

In Las Cruces, New Mexico the pro-troop caravan received a police escort!

Thousands turned out across the country. You’ll be surprised
but even in San Francisco the crowd was especially enthusiastic!

In Carson City, Nevada Congressman Duncan Hunter
joined Move America Forward Chairman, Melanie Morgan, in support
of the pro-troop effort led by Debbie Lee and Deborah Johns.

In the village of Niles, Illinois (suburb of Chicago) the caravan led
a 9/11 candlelight remembrance and pro-troop rally.

In Des Moines there was both a great crowd and
a Jr. ROTC Color Guard present at the State Capitol.

We worked hard to get our message heard through local
media. At this stop in Oklahoma City we had 4 TV stations, radio stations
and print media present to cover our rally and get the message out!

In Sacramento the pro-troop moms were greeted by this great crowd!

Here’s some shots of our pro-troop caravan as we drove through Texas!

At each stop the caravan had supporters sign pro-troop banners that
were then presented to the wounded warriors recovering from injuries
at Walter Reed Medical Center at the caravan’s conclusion.

Congressman Mike Pence welcomed us to our Indianapolis stop.

With the media in tow, the military moms confronted Senator Reid’s D.C. office
and took them to task for Reid’s statement that “this war is lost.”

The Grand Finale: An event at the White House Featuring
President Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney
and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Let’s get this positive, pro-troop message out!

Do your part to help fund a new national ad campaign that will stand up against MoveOn.org and those who speak out against our troops and their missions in the war on terrorism.

Here are just two of the many great media stories that were generated by the “Fight for Victory Tour”:

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

Media Doesn’t Show Whole Picture, Iraq War Vet says


Largest Pro-Troop Caravan Makes Stop In North Fayette Twp.

Now help us build on this terrific momentum that we’ve already built, as we fund the national ad campaign to fight back against MoveOn.org, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.


Duncan Hunter is clearly the conservative’s candidate of choice. Visit Duncan Hunter’s website and donate here: 

 Duncan Hunter '08 For President

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Congressman Duncan Hunter Issues Warning to Columbia University

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 24, 2007

For Immediate Release…

Hunter warns Columbia University

Cancel Invitation to Iranian President

September 24, 2007 Manchester, NH… At 11:30 a.m. this morning Congressman Duncan Hunter is holding a Town hall Meeting at the New England College, 98 Bridge Street, Henniker, New Hampshire in the Simon center.

Hunter will issue a statement directed to Columbia University and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visit. In a recent press conference Hunter said “To host the leader of Iran when he supports terrorists that are moving deadly roadside bombs across the Iraqi border to be used against American troops is a slap in the face for the entire 165,000 men and women in Iraq and to those that have served before them.”“If President Lee Bollinger follows through with this hosting of the leader of Iran, I will move in Congress to cut off every single type of Federal Funding to Columbia University. If the left-wing leaders of academia will not support our troops, they, in the very least, should not support our adversaries.” “This event, following the slanderous action of MoveOn.org, depicting General Petraeus as “General Betray Us,” in the New York Times represents the emergence of the extreme left-wing in American politics.”  

For additional Presidential campaign information visit www.GoHunter08.com


Congressman Duncan Hunter is RIGHT on this issue regarding the Iranian President’s visit to Columbia University.  Are there any other Presidential candidates standing up to do something about this outrageous act????  ONLY DUNCAN HUNTER is standing firm and telling the university that this is not acceptable.  Our country needs a leader who is not afraid of our enemies and will do what it takes to keep our enemies in check.

Responding to comments by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that he is prepared to fill the “power vacuum” in Iraq, former House Armed Services Chairman and Republican presidential contender Duncan Hunter challenged the Bush administration to step up plans for a strike against Iran. 

Congressman Hunter told a group of veterans and supporters, “Iran has made their intentions abundantly clear in the Middle East, specifically with respect to military action against Israel.  Never before in American history has a nation so blatantly engaged in saber-rattling without facing serious military reprisals from the U.S.”  He continued, “The White House recently declared Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization for their obvious support for the terrorist insurgency in Iraq.  They are aiding and abetting the killing of our military service men and women.  In my book, that’s an act of war and such action ought to have military consequences.  Responding in hollow political or diplomatic rhetoric only encourages more affronts from Iran.”

Now…take a look at this extremely GRAPHIC review of why the Iranian President can claim they have no homosexuals in their country.  Is this what Americans want to be subjected to??  How do you think he deals with all the other problems his country faces that don’t agree with his beliefs?  YEP…same outcome.  If we don’t stand up to a nation like this and call him at this game of leading a proxy war against us in Iraq, we will all be wishing we could once again experience those freedoms we enjoy today.

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Dobson on Thompson: “Not for me, my brothers.”

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 20, 2007

Excerpt from Politics West-The Denver Post written by Eric Gorski 9/19/07:


James Dobson, one of the nation’s most politically influential evangelical Christians, made it clear in a message to friends this week he will not support Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson.

In a private e-mail obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, Dobson accuses the former Tennessee senator and actor of being weak on the campaign trail and wrong on issues dear to social conservatives.

“Isn’t Thompson the candidate who is opposed to a Constitutional amendment to protect marriage, believes there should be 50 different definitions of marriage in the U.S., favors McCain-Feingold, won’t talk at all about what he believes, and can’t speak his way out of a paper bag on the campaign trail?” Dobson wrote.

“He has no passion, no zeal, and no apparent ’want to.’ And yet he is apparently the Great Hope that burns in the breasts of many conservative Christians? Well, not for me, my brothers. Not for me!”

In his e-mail addressed “Dear friends,” Dobson includes the text of a recent news story highlighting Thompson’s statement that while he was baptized in the Church of Christ, he does not attend church regularly and won’t speak about his faith on the stump.

Dobson in this week’s e-mail writes that suppositions “about the former senator’s never having professed to be a Christian are turning out to be accurate in substance.”

Dobson’s strong words about Thompson underscore the frustration and lack of unity among Christian conservatives about the GOP field. Some Christian right leaders have pinned their hopes on Thompson, describing him as a Southern-fried Ronald Reagan. But others have voiced doubts in recent weeks about some of the same issues Dobson highlighted: his position on gay marriage and support for the 2002 McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform legislation.

Dobson and other Christian conservatives support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would bar gay marriage nationally.  Thompson has said he would support a constitutional amendment that would prohibit states from imposing their gay marriage laws on other states, which falls well short of that.

Gary Schneeberger, a Focus on the Family spokesman, confirmed that Dobson wrote the e-mail. Schneeberger declined to comment further, saying it would be inappropriate because Dobson’s comments about presidential candidates are made as an individual and not as a representative of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization restricted from partisan politics.


Duncan Hunter is a firm supporter of marriage between a man and a woman ONLY.  He is a Christian that isn’t afraid to talk about his faith.  Watch him speak about his faith on TBN here:

If you would like to learn more about Duncan Hunter join one of these groups:

Duncan Hunter Meetup Group
Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group

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Duncan Hunter Supports our Troops

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 17, 2007

Duncan Hunter is one of the few candidates running for President that has served our nation in the military and also has a son currently serving in the military.  At a time when our nation is fighting a war against terror, we need a leader who has a strong military background and knows what it takes to protect our nation from the evil that is bearing down on us.

Congressman Hunter took the time out of his busy schedule to show up to THREE Fight for Victory Tour events sponsored by Move America Forward which is a pro-troop organization.  The Fight for Victory Tour began in Carson City where Duncan Hunter spoke in support of our troops and this organization.  He also spoke for the group when they first arrived in Washington DC on September 14th to talk to Senator Harry Reid and Congress.  To top it all off, Duncan Hunter joined up with the Gathering of Eagles and Move America Forward to speak in support of our troops in a protest against the ANSWER movement who was holding anti-war protests in Washington on Saturday, September 15th.  Listen to his speech at the Gathering of Eagles, then decide who you think should be our next President of the United States.

Here is what Duncan Hunter said in response to John Warner’s comments:

Monday, August 27, 2007
Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter responds to comments by Senator John Warner

Fort Worth, TX-GOP presidential contender Duncan Hunter responded sharply to comments offered by Senator John Warner, former Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman. Last week Warner urged the beginning of a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, saying President Bush should put “decisive pressure” on Iraqi leaders to let them know “we’re not going to be there forever,” said Warner on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. Senator Warner’s suggested bringing some 5,000 troops by the end of the year.

Upon learning of Sen. Warner’s comments in the nation’s capital, Hunter quickly responded, “Our service men and women stand right now, as we speak, in harm’s way, ready to sacrifice everything for our nation’s defense and for the freedom of the Iraqi people. Just when we are beginning to see real progress under the capable General Petraeus, Senator Warner, whom I respect, undermines their efforts by tucking tail. He continued, “As President I WILL NOT cower under pressure from politicians, media, or the international community. This nation is great because it is just and free. We absolutely cannot back down in defending that freedom. I am very disappointed in Sen. Warner tonight, and I trust his comments will fall on deaf ears.”

Ironically, while Warner addressed the Washington press corps on his call for withdrawal, Hunter fielded questions from a packed house of Arlington, Texas, Republicans. Asked how do we get out of Iraq, Hunter explained the second phase of the American blueprint for expanding freedom was well underway. “A government, elected by its people, has been stood up. The U.S. military is now in the process of standing up an Iraqi military capable of protecting the government.”

Hunter explained that most of the 129 Iraqi battalions had not undertaken extensive combat operations and should be deployed for three to four months in contentious Iraq battle zones to demonstrate their combat effectiveness. Hunter added, “Once reliability is established in the Iraqi military, they will be capable of rotating into the battlefield throughout Iraq, displacing U.S. combat forces, that’s how we leave Iraq, which will amount to an unprecedented success in the most difficult region of the new era.”

Hunter took a shot at the Democrats for what he called, “ignoring the U.S. military and shunning their accomplishments.” Hunter contends that while working on the war issues in both the house and senate, not one single Democrat commended the U.S. Marines Corps for the progress they are making in Iraq.

Congressman Hunter is the counterpart to Senator Warner, the senior Republican member of the Senate Armed Services Committee . Hunter now the Ranking Republican Member of House Armed Services Committee was that committee’s chairman for four years.

If you would like to learn more about Duncan Hunter, visit Duncan Hunter Official Website and consider joining a support group for Duncan Hunter here: Duncan Hunter Meetup Group  or here: Duncan Hunter Yahoo Group

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Duncan Hunter Tells it Like it is…

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 12, 2007

On Sept 10, 2007, General Petraeus spoke before the House of Representatives regarding the status of the war in Iraq.  It seems that the lefties planned to keep Petraeus quiet as his microphone would not function.  It is dispicable to hear the Democratic left trying to put down a man of integrity who fights in honor for our country.  Thankfully, Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) who is also running for President of the United States opened the discussion with a respectful speech.  He speaks in a straight-forward manner and in support of the message that General Petraeus has to deliver.  It is clear that our country needs a solid conservative like Duncan Hunter to lead our country.

 You can view the opening statements by Congressman Hunter in the House of Representatives here: NRO The Tank

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Duncan Hunter visits Best of the West Rib Cookoff in the Reno, NV area

Posted by sierrascrapper on September 4, 2007

Congressman Duncan Hunter made a stop in the Reno/Sparks/Carson City area over the Labor Day weekend.  He visited the Best of the West Rib Cookoff sponsored by John Ascuaga’s Nugget in Sparks, NV on Sunday 9/2/07.  He served up ribs to visitors at the Carson City BBQ booth who is voted Locals Favorite every year.  Three TV news stations came to interview Duncan Hunter and talk to him about his victory in the Texas Straw Poll that took place over the weekend.  Congressman Hunter met one on one with folks at the rib cook-off and talked to them about the issues he stands for and reminded them to vote for him in 2008.

Duncan Hunter at the Best of the West Rib Cookoff

Video clip from KOLO CH 8


 Other news stories about his visit to the Rib Cook Off can be found here:


More to come about Duncan Hunter’s visit to Northern Nevada

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